First Capital Partners Invests in TPE Midstream, LLC

First Capital Partners Invests in TPE Midstream, LLC

April | 2021

First Capital Partners is pleased to announce its recent mezzanine debt and equity investment to support a majority recapitalization of TPE Midstream, LLC (“TPE”) based in Tulsa, OK.  This investment was made in partnership with Willis & Smith Capital, LLC, a private equity investment firm with offices in Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA, and TPE's founders, Doug Sahm and Brad Sando.

TPE manufactures, sells and rents equipment to large utilities and pipeline operators to perform regulatory-mandated and routine maintenance services.  Among its products/services is a proprietary solution called ZEVAC®; that eliminates the release of methane into the atmosphere when performing such maintenance services.

Prior to the development of the ZEVAC®; solution, methane was typically released into the atmosphere by venting (direct release) or flaring (burning) because economical zero-emission solutions, such as the ZEVAC®, were unavailable.  TPE counts many of the largest utilities and pipeline owners in the U.S. as its customers and continues to attract the attention of new customers who are learning about the innovative ZEVAC®; solution.

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